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  • 08:29 Popular 'Getting Clean' - Short Comic Film

    'Getting Clean' - Short Comic Film

    by admin Added 2,432 Views / Likes

    ‘Getting Clean’, a short comic film whose origins began behind the bars of a prison in South East London. Back in August, Livity, a Brixton based social enterprise, ran a series of workshops with a group of young men at ISIS Young Offenders Institute, aim

  • 25:05 Popular The Life Smugglers

    The Life Smugglers

    by admin Added 2,334 Views / Likes

    THE LIFE SMUGGLERS (2011) Two retirees from Phoenix, Arizona run prescription drugs from Mexico to help pay for a wife's medical bills. But when their work suddenly includes people smuggling, it because much more ethically complex. DIRECTED BY DAVE WELLS.

  • 07:42 Popular Domestic


    by admin Added 2,345 Views / Likes

    -- Synopsis -- It's crouching lover, hidden agenda when a couple puts their relationship and martial-arts skills to the test, in this short film about fidelity, forgiveness, and how to turn domestic objects into menacing weapons. -- Details -- Independent

  • 12:47 Popular Heldenkanzler


    by admin Added 2,311 Views / Likes

    "Heldenkanzler" is an award-winning short film based on the true story of Engelbert Dollfuss, who tried to inforce his fashist dictatorship in Austria in the 1930ies. Written & Directed by Benjamin Swiczinsky featuring the voices of Erwin Leder and Philip

  • 02:52 Popular How I Ate Your Mother | Ben Grace Films

    How I Ate Your Mother | Ben Grace Films

    by admin Added 2,295 Views / Likes

    How I Ate Your Mother is an award-winning short film made by the Boom Shadows team in 2013. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, this sci-fi featured a unconventional look at how zombies lived in the future. In addition to winning 3 awards at the Exposure Fi

  • 10:00 Popular BEYOND THE MARK - Short Documentary

    BEYOND THE MARK - Short Documentary

    by admin Added 2,341 Views / Likes

    An evocative portrait of Year12 student Stephen Guan. Stephen came to Melbourne from China in 2004 and feels the pressure of getting good marks, especially in his final year. His teacher's advice? Look beyond Year 12… beyond the mark. With rich, kaleidosc

  • 10:36 Popular I AM SEAN BELL, Black Boys Speak

    I AM SEAN BELL, Black Boys Speak

    by admin Added 2,297 Views / Likes

    I AM SEAN BELL black boys speak A Short Form Documentary from Wildseed Films Directed by Stacey Muhammad Asst. Directed by Shomari Mason Edited by: Stacey Muhammad & R.H. Bless Principal Photography: May 17, 2008 Brooklyn, NY Running Time 10:30 On Novembe

  • 08:00 Popular Tango Trois (Short Film) 2006

    Tango Trois (Short Film) 2006

    by admin Added 2,305 Views / Likes

    Tango Trois is my award winning thesis film from Sydney Film School. It has screened successfully in many festivals in Australia and internationally including Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Palm Springs and Cannes. Students were limited to 10 minutes of film stock

  • 24:32 Popular In Memory Of Me

    In Memory Of Me

    by admin Added 2,336 Views / Likes

    "In Memory of Me" - The award winning short film featuring Maryfrances Careccia; premiered on LOGO TV and screened at festivals world wide… it is also now available as a feature script. Like this film? Want to see more films with diverse, layered female c

  • 10:48 Popular BRAIN POWER: From Neurons To Networks

    BRAIN POWER: From Neurons To Networks

    by admin Added 2,286 Views / Likes

    Directed by @tiffanyshlain Please share this film far and wide! Suggested ways below. Check out the #TEDBook that accompanies this film. Info at: http://www.letitripple.org Special thanks to Tim Delaughter, Dominic Griffin and The Polyphonic Spree for don

  • 06:43 Popular I'm In The Mood For Love

    I'm In The Mood For Love

    by admin Added 2,296 Views / Likes

    Synopsis A singing telegram worker meets his ex-boyfriend while having hot pot and learns to embrace his new found bachelorhood through popular song. Genre: Musical, Drama Past Screenings: 11th Annual DC Asian Pacific Film Festival (October 7 – 16, 2010)

  • 03:42 Popular Ain't No Fish

    Ain't No Fish

    by admin Added 2,333 Views / Likes

    Ain’t No Fish’ is a short stop motion animated film featuring a bunch of hungry Arctic seals singing along to the music and lyrics of Sigman and Russell as performed by Hoagy Carmichael. It’s an ‘easy-go-lucky’ song about fishing and why ‘Some Days There

  • 13:35 Popular The Elephant In The Room – Narrated By Virginia McKenna

    The Elephant In The Room – Narrated By Virginia McKenna

    by admin Added 2,162 Views / Likes

    The Elephant in the Room – an award-winning* short documentary uncovering the plight of captive elephants across Europe: imprisoned, isolated & ignored. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://elefilm.eu FOLLOW ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/elefilm LIKE ON FACEBOOK: ht

  • 05:27 Popular Siubhlachan (The Traveller)

    Siubhlachan (The Traveller)

    by admin Added 2,171 Views / Likes

    A micro budget short film I shot in 2008 which went on to win best professional film at the 2008 FilmG Awards - a competition for Scottish Gaelic language films. The film has been shown at festivals around the world including the Science + Fiction festiva

  • 05:51 Popular Open House

    Open House

    by admin Added 2,160 Views / Likes

    SYNOPSIS A house hunting couple quickly discover it’s not the property chain that they are getting caught up in. ABOUT Inspired by the work of the improv comedy school “Second City” in Chicago, Kate made improvised short, Open House, in the space of 48-ho

  • 08:40 Popular SHORT FILM 1: Sixty Cups Of Coffee

    SHORT FILM 1: Sixty Cups Of Coffee

    by admin Added 2,139 Views / Likes


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